Hi there. I am an Arkansas mama to two awesome kids. I am also an Arkansas woman, lawyer, and wife. And apparently, another narcissist with internet access and opinions she believes are worth sharing (and reading).

I have contemplated creating a blog for some time. I love to write but I am sickened by the drivel that permeates the internet. This blog is my attempt to say something different. I hope I will not include anything about the latest trend I’m wearing (I have no style and my clothes are crummy). I hope I will not include anything resembling the standard mom-blog “Mama, you are doing great, embrace your yoga pants and admire those stretch marks!”(But I do have stretch marks and I would fight you over my lulus.) I hope to never write anything containing a “bless your heart,” or “bless this mess.” (I wish to bless nothing.) And lastly, I hope I will never post a filtered picture of healthy snacks because 1) nobody gives a shit what I eat and 2) I hate healthy snacks (except for almonds).

In an internet universe where nothing is original, the only things I hope to include here are my poorly researched opinions and any other random thoughts that come to mind. I hope I have the courage to write what I actually think, which is why I have done this blog anonymously (I have severe paranoia about the internet and about people invading my privacy). I also want to celebrate Arkansas life because my state is pretty great.

I earnestly hope I write something that is worth reading. And I’m just narcissistic enough to think what I say is original and interesting. Please enjoy.

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  1. Hi. I know you’re probably (definitely) super busy, but I miss your blog! If you by chance get un-busy (ha) I’d love to read more.


    Selfish Mom of 2 who works full time but has unreasonable expectations for you. 😆


  2. Thanks a million for publishing your thoughts. I felt so down today but then I came across your article about the 3 stages of having a newborn. It made me feel a lot better. Keep up the good and honest writing. I bet there are thousands if not millions of women who appreciate your honesty apart from that #momgoals instacrap.
    Greetings from Germany!


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